Thursday, 7 July 2011

Beauty Labels

I recently bought some travel size bottles to store some of my natural remedies, as the original bottles were very large and made my dressing table look like a market stall.

I decided to add simple and chic labels to the plain, boring bottles.


*  Pritt Stick
*  Scallop Scissors
*  Blank sticky labels

1)  Type your names on microsoft word, making sure that they will fit your bottles or containers.  Print.

2)  Stick the words onto your labels and cut out the words in your desired shape, (draw an outline if you're not confident- I did).

3)  Voila!  You have now created your very own customised beauty labels.

*  Tip- Stick labels on home made lip balms, scrubs, cleansers and decorate with pictures.

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