Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sanctuary Spa Skincare

Skin Type - Combination

During my lunch break, I popped into Boots the Chemist and ended up buying a selection of Sanctuary Spa products (see below).

Sanctuary Spa have now introduced a skincare range adding to their excellent bodycare.  The products I chose were for all skin types, as there was nothing specific for combination skin, so I opted for a cleanser + moisturiser from the Brightening Facial range and face polish + facial oil from the Youth Boosting Facial selection.  

I have used these products for a period of 4 weeks and here are my personal opinions:

Hot Cloth Cleanser + Muslin Cloth - This has quite a strong garden like scent and is a very creamy consistency.  It does not remove all traces of makeup, so I had to use my Nivea facial wash before applying this. However my skin is much clearer and looks radiant.

Warming Microdermabrasion - Tiny grainy particles make up this product and I have used this 2 to 3 times a week.  My skin always feels and looks smooth after application.

Facial Illuminating Moisturiser - After having a facial I use this and it makes my skin very fresh.  But using it everyday under my makeup, made the skin around my nose dry and flake off (I know, disgusting, but I have to be honest).   I had to go back to my trusted Nivea for most days.

Facial Oil - This is good as a night moisturiser, as during the day under my makeup it made my skin really oily.

The Sanctuary Spa products are fairly expensive and don't live up to their bodycare range.  They should introduce a specific range for each skin type as I believe all-skin-type products do not cater for the masses.  

Overall I will be using the products untill they finish and then try a different range.  Sigh... the pursuit for perfect skin is never ending.

What's your skin type and which products do you swear buy?

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