Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Eid Mubarak...

To all those who observed the month of Ramadan and are now enjoying the celebration of its end- Eid-Ul-Fitr.  

May we all be blessed with another year of Ramadan and let us remember the less fortunate and those who have lost loved ones, on this beautiful day.  

Pray for yourself, your family, for our prophets and those who have passed away.  Not only will your prayers be answered, but whatever you wish for someone else, the angels pray the same on your behalf.

Be patient and steadfast to what life throws at you.  Not only will you become optimistic, but Allah (SWT) will shower his mercy on you.

Recite the Qu'ran beautifully as much as possible, whenever you have a moment to spare, as it will be your intercessor on the day of judgement.

Read many Duroods for our Prophet Muhammad (SAWS).  70,000 angels deliver the details of those who have done so to the prophet himself.  On Fridays Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) listens personally to those reading durood for him.  Inshallah he shall intercess for us on the day of judgement.

Donate to charities. Not only will you helping those who are suffering, but you will be contributing significantly to your afterlife.  

Let us not burden ourselves with materialistic objectives and think about our everlasting world.  Where whatever we call for will be available at the blink of an eye.  Subhanallah.

Make sure you are ready for the aakhirah.  Make sure you have done enough to succeed in this life to benefit you in the hereafter.

May Allah (SWT) grant us peace and accept our prayers. 


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