Monday, 5 September 2011

Yahnilia Makarna

I was happily reading 'Bubblegarm's' blog, when I cam across her favourite turkish meal,  made of fresh tomatoes, chicken, lemon juice, halloumi cheese and served with a pasta of your choice.

She described the dish as tangy, spicy, enriched with the juices of the chicken and tomatoes.  Being a lemon lover I just had to give it a try.  I am a newbie when it comes to halloumi cheese, but that didn't put me off.  

I adapted the recipe according to my taste buds and whose saying you can't either.  So here goes...

Ingredients for halloumi

*  50-60 gms of grated halloumi cheese
*  2tsp dry mint
*  Black pepper (according to taste)

Mix all the ingredients together.  Set aside as this will be used when ready to serve.

Ingredients for Yahnili

*  2 chicken brests cubed
*  1 medium sized onion chopped
*  2tsp of tomato puree (I opted for one with added garlic)
*  2 tomatoes chopped
*   Half a tin of plum tomatoes
*  Juices of 2 lemons (or according to taste)
*  Pepper (according to taste)
*  2tsp of chilli powder(optional)
*  2 tbsp of olive oil

1)  Add oil to a deep pan with a lid.  Fry onions until golden
2)  Add chicken.  Cook until throughly cooked.
3)  Next add tomato puree.  Fry for a while.
4)  Add the fresh tomatoes and tinned tomatoes.  Cook until it all starts to come together.
5)  Add enough water to cover everything.
6)  Add lemon juice, salt, pepper and chilli powder.  Simmer.
7)  Check for seasoning after half hour.  Adjust now.
8)  Simmer for another half hour.

Ingredients for Makarna

* 250gms pasta boiled in salted water and drained.  (I used fusili).

Plate up

1)  Layer the halloumi mix in a deep plate.  Add some pasta, some of the sauce with the chicken pieces and top it off with another layer of halloumi.

*  Eat whilst hot, to enjoy the mouthwatering flavours.  BTW the halloumi cheese is so creamy and delicious.

Have you tried a new recipe?

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